This blog is for all Wagashine-curious and above all experimenting chefs!

What is Wagashi (菓子 菓子)?

Wagashi is a term for Japanese sweets. They are made of rice flour (from Japanese rice such as Mochigome), anko (red bean paste) and starch / gelling agent (Kudzu, agar agar). If necessary, additional nuts and cores are used in the production process.

This means that these sweets are vegan and without fat, since even the gelling agents are of purely vegetable origin. As a traditional dessert they are made of high quality. However, they should not exceed a mature kaki in their sweetness.

With this blog I want to document progress and failures. I do not claim to cook Japanese-style. But I would like to create tasty Wagashi, which can be cooked without having to spend hours on the search for the right flour. Recipes that can be made directly from the rice.

Ohagi - Botamochi


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