Recipe Bota Mochi / Ohagi

Bota Mochi

Bota Mochi are small Mochiballs, which are filled and wrapped with a sweet mixture.


(Ergibt ca. 4 Stück)

  • 100g Mochigome-Rice mixed with 100 ml water (it should be about 1 cm of water above the rice)
  • 1 Prise Salt
  • 1 EL bright sugar syrup (gluckosesirup)
  • poppy
  • sesame (white und black), roasted
  • sugar
  • marzipan to fill (or other creative fillings, they shouldn’t be to soft)
  • food colours (if you like it more colourful)


If you have the time, you can soak the rice in water overnight so that the grains cook more evenly. It also works when you damp them. (At high temperature about 30-40 min.)

Damp the rice for about 30-40 minutes at high temperature until you are able to crush the grains easily.

Fertig gedämpfter Mochigome-Reis für Bota Mochi

Mix some sugar syrup under. Then place the rice in a mortar and crush it with the pastle until it forms a uniform sticky mass. (It does not matter if not all the grains are crushed). If mortar and pestle are not used, moisten it with a rolling pin in a damp towel.


Bota-Mochi-Reis im Mörser

Bota Mochi-Teig gestampft

Attention: The dough is very sticky. It is best to place a bowl of cold water next to it and moisten the hands.

Now the Rice dough should be divided into several portions. Press each portion flat.

Bota Mochi-Teig aufgeteilt

If you like to have colourful Mochi, colour the dough and the marzipan with food colour.

Bota Mochiteig mit Marzipankugeln

Place a ball of marzipan on each of these portions and wrap it with the rice dough.

Bota Mochi ohne Umhüllung

Those who have left marzipan can wrap a bota mochi with it.









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