Mochi Basic Recipe

Mochi is a name for Japanese rice cake, which is traditionally eaten at New Year.

This recipe is the Mochi basic recipe:

Mochi Basic recipe


100 g of mochigome rice ground
Approximately 80-100 ml of water (the rice should be covered with water just so) (for Daifuku Mochi take a little less, so that the dough can be better worked and shaped)
About 50 g of sugar
1 tbsp caramel syrup with glucose syrup (it is mainly about the glucose syrup, so that the Mochiteig remains beautifully soft, I take the caramel syrup of Grafschafter)
Some starch

Mochigome rice

The powdered Mochigome-Rice

Mochigome rice grounded

with Sugar

Mochigome grounded with sugar

and stir the water in the bowl.

Mochigome rice in a bowl with water and sugar

Put this bowl in the bamboo damper and cover it with a plat. (No steam may enter the bowl)

Mochigomerice in the mute, covered with a plate

Hold the mixture at high temperature for about 40-60 minutes.

After half of the time stir once to make it a uniform mass. No white dots may be visible.

Mochigome rice stirred

Then add the caramel syrup and stir again.

Apply this mass onto a damp towel and knead.

Then moisten the hands well with water and divide the Mochiteig into several pieces and further process according to the recipe.

At Wagashi Maniac you can find another mochi recipe.




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