Recipe Kuzu Mochi

Kuzu Mochi

This Kuzu Mochi is a kind of jelly with texture of mochi.


15 g of starch
15g wheat starch
7 g wheat flour
1-2 teaspoons of sugar
110 ml of water
1 pinch of salt

Syrup for pouring (e.g., caramel syrup or cherry syrup)
Kinako sugar (mixture of kinako and cane sugar)


Mix the Kuzu starch with 2-3 tbsp. Water until a smooth dough is formed. Then mix wheat flour and wheat starch with the remaining water. Add sugar and salt and mix the whole thing with the kuzu mixture. Place the mixture in a small pot and warm to 40 ° C with constant stirring. The creamed masses will thicken. Fill this into a small bowl.

If you like you can fill the half of the kuzumass in the bowl. Admit a little bit syrup to the kuzu mass. At this point, you can add strawberry syrup or dye the mass. The Mochi coloured then. Or you add mixed Matcha. The result is Matcha Kuzu Mochi.

Cover the bowl with a plate and steam all about 25-30 minutes until the kuzumass has a transparent color.
When finished, cool down the bowl in a cool water bath. Take the mass from the bowl and cut it into several portions. Spread these on a plate and add some syrup to each serving. Sprinkle some kinako sugar on top and serve the food.

Slightly cooled it is a very nice summer dessert.

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