Recipe Matcha Kuzu Mochi

Matcha Kuzu Mochi

Matcha Kuzu

Matcha Kuzu Mochi is a kind of jelly which has a very soft consistency.


10g Power Consumption
100 ml of water
1g or min. ½ tsp agar agar
15 g of sugar

1 teaspoon matched powder
1 tbsp of sugar
1 approx. 50 ml of hot water for stirring (not hotter than 60 ° C)
1 tablespoon ricesyrup



Stir the matcha tea


with sugar.

Matchatea with sugar

Put tea-sugar mixture into the 60 ° C warm water together with the reissyrup and stir everything.

Matchatea-sugar-mixture stired with water

After that, boil 100ml water with agar-agar

Agar Agar-sugar-mixture

and sugar.

Stir the kuzu

kuzu starch

with 1-2 soup spoon cold Water.

Kuzustarch stired with water

Add this mixture to the agar-sugar-water mixture.

Boil the liquid and cool it until it’s 60°C.

cooked kuzu-water-sugar-mixture

Add the matcha-tea-mixture,

cooked mixture with green tea

Pour the jelly into a mold and place the Matcha Kuzu Mochi to cool in the refrigerator.

When it has cooled down, it falls out of the mold.

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Matcha Kuzu

Matcha Kuzu Mochi




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