Recipe Sakura Mochi Domyoji

Sakura Mochi Domyoji

This Mochi you can find in red or white.


100 mochigome-rice
100 g marzipan
100 ml water
1-2 Tablespoon cherry syrup
If necessary food color


Preparation like Kurogami Botamochi. Add the cherry syrup to the rice before damping, then stir it with the water. After steaming give the rice on a damp towel and knead it thoroughly. Then split the rice portion into several pieces. Put a bowl of water beside it to light your hands. Take a piece of the mochi mass, press it flat and give a small ball of marzipan on it. Wrap the mass with the mochi rice. The Sakura Mochi is finished. In Japan, salty cherry leaves are put around the rice mochi dough and are eaten.



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