This is a kind of Higashi. It has a low water content.

Those sweets are beautiful, elegant and japanese art.

They are dried sweets, which consume rice flour, powdered sugar, some syrup and a little water to make a paste. The paste is pressed into a mold and dried. The rice flour is very special. Apparently it is cooked Mochi rice, which is dried and ground. This rice flour is called Kanbaiko.

A main ingedients  is sugar. That’s why this wagashi is very sweet.

The sugar is a special, very fine variety, called wasbon.

Rakugan should be tasty and melt on the tongue.

They are popular, tasty, attractive and retain their quality for a long time.

For the production use Rakugan molds.


On Wagashi maniacs homepage you can see other Rakugan.

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